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Worried about the taste of chlorine? The dose is tiny and it's easy to remove

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Q: Doesn’t chlorine make the water taste terrible?

A: Chlorine may give water a distinctive taste and smell, but some people will be more sensitive to this than others. If you don’t like the taste, it’s very easy to remove the chlorine from your drinking water. You can leave drinking water to sit in an open jug in the fridge overnight to evaporate the chlorine, or use a charcoal filter to remove the chlorine at the kitchen tap.

Q: How much chlorine would you put in the water?

A: We would need to add two litres of chlorine solution to every 10 million litres of water. This is based on the World Health Organisation recommendation to maintain a minimum chlorine concentration of 0.2 milligrams per litre and maximum of 0.5 milligrams per litre, at the point when it reaches the tap.

U: Kare ainei teia vairakau chlorine e riro i te oronga mai i te aunga e te tongi’anga taukore o te vai?

P: Ko te vairakau chlorine ka akatuke rai te reira i te tongi’anga e te aunga o te vai, e ka maata atu ta teia arapaki’anga mei tetai au tangata ki tetai au tangata. Me kare koe e reka i te tongi’anga o teia vairakau mama ua te takore atu i te reira mei roto mai ite vai inu. Ko taau ka rave koia oki kote akaruke atu ite vai ki roto i tetai tia me kore kakapu kare e tapoki ki roto i te pia akaanu kai e tai po kia peke atu te vairakau chlorine me kare ra ka ta’anga’anga atu i tetai ta’au ngarau (charcoal filter) ki roto ite paipa o te pia kaikai ei kiriti i teia vairakau.

U: Eaa te maata ote vairakau chlorine ka ta’anga’anga’ia atu ki roto i te vai?

P: Ka anoano’ia e rua rita (litre) vairakau chlorine kia tukuna’ia ki roto ite au 10 mirioni rita (litres) vai. Kua akatinamou’ia teia ki tei akanoo’ia e te Taokotai’anga World Health Organisation, kia vai rai te iti ote vaito vairakau chlorine ki te 0.2 mirikaramu (milligrams) kite tai rita (litre) vai e kote vaito maata koia 0.5 mirikaramu (milligrams) kite tai rita vai, ki te tuatau e tae atu ei ki te au paipa vai i roto ite au ngutuare.

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