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Update on Stage 2 intake upgrades

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Turangi intake site

The 8m high stainless steel storage tank is currently being assembled layer by layer. As each 1.5m high section is completed, the contractor lifts the structure up another 1.5m using custom designed jacks and continues to sequentially cons

Turangi intake

truct the storage tank from the ground. This construction method significantly reduces the need to work at height, as almost all work is undertaken at ground level.

Avana intake site

With the settling tank base complete, McConnell Dowell is now constructing the concrete walls of the settling tank by pouring concrete into moulds using a 50 tonne crane. The moulds are then removed once the concrete is set, leaving the new wall in place.

Tupapa and Matavera intake sites

Earthworks (clearance, excavation, filling) are underway at both of these intake sites.

Avatiu trunk main upgrades

​1.5 km of new polyethylene pressure pipe has been laid in the ground as part of the Avatiu trunk main upgrade works. The pipe has been installed using the industry-standard process of “butt welding”, which ensures a strong durable bond through the temperature and pressure by which individual sections of pipe are connected.

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