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Proposed new wastewater system to service Muri

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In 2018, the Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai Project Management Unit (PMU) confirmed that septic tank systems in Muri’s sensitive coastal area are contributing to the seaweed growths in Muri Lagoon. This key finding has highlighted the need for a new reticulated wastewater system to service Muri’s coastal area.

We have already done some preliminary work to identify the best type of reticulated wastewater system. A potential wastewater treatment plant site is currently being considered, and upon landowners approval the PMU will need to do some geotechnical and soil testing before confirming if the site is suitable. The proposed treatment plant will be designed to the latest standards, with common concerns such as smell and visual impact being actively addressed through the design.

The new system will divert wastewater from households and businesses to a central treatment plant, where it will be treated to a much higher level than septic tanks and then disposed of more appropriately. Septic tanks can remain in use in less sensitive and less developed areas, where the wastewater nutrients don’t overload the land capacity and compromise the lagoon’s health.

  1. Pre-treatment removes larger solid waste

  2. Primary treatment removes even very small particles of solid waste

  3. Secondary treatment uses a biological process to digest and remove dissolved organic matter from wastewater

  4. Treated wastewater send to land or ocean.

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