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Introducing a third disposal option

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Suitable land for land-based wastewater treatment to service Muri

Options for wastewater treatment systems for Muri have been presented to the Government for consideration. The options presented include land disposal, ocean outfall and a combination of the two.

The dilemma is that there have been very few offers of suitable land to make the land-based option viable. As a result, ocean outfall is currently the only viable option for treated wastewater disposal.

Land disposal requires two sections of land; one of about 2 hectares/5 acres for the treatment plant, and another of 15 to 20 for disposal of treated water onto land. Ocean outfall on the other hand, requires only one section of land, about 2 hectares/5 acres for both the treatment plant and pumping station.

In response to community feedback, a third option is currently being investigated – a combination of land disposal and ocean outfall. This option allows for nature-based treatment through land disposal within a much smaller footprint, while also catering for wastewater volumes. This option requires land for the treatment plant and pumping station, and only about 1.5 hectares/3.7 acres for a trial disposal of treated wastewater to land. The land for disposal would need to be within 2.5km of the treatment plant.

Regardless of which disposal option is chosen, land will be needed for the treatment plant, where sewage will be treated to secondary level.

The map above shows areas where we need land in and around the Muri area, as well a size reference of the amount of land needed.

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