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Expressions of interest have closed for land for MTVKTV works

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Expressions of Interest are open to provide land for MTVKTV works on Rarotonga meanwhile progress continues in improving the quality of water in our lagoons.

Expressions of Interest are open to provide land for Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai works

The Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai project is calling for expressions of interest from landowners on Rarotonga to provide parcels of land for construction of future wastewater and sanitation infrastructure.

Expressions must be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM). The Ministry intends to seek agreements with the owners of suitable land, including compensation. Initially, some land will be needed in the Muri area. There are two options under consideration for the treatment and disposal of wastewater from the area: treatment and land disposal; or treatment and ocean disposal:

  • If land disposal is chosen, two parcels will be needed – one for the construction of treatment works, and another for disposal of treated wastewater to land.

  • If ocean disposal is chosen, only one parcel of land will be required, for treatment works and pumping of treated wastewater to an ocean outfall.

Further land will be required for similar solutions as wastewater infrastructure is extended around the island. The application form can be downloaded from the Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai website: More details about the land we are looking for, including the necessary area, access requirements and other specifications, are included in the form.

Support is available for landowners to put their applications together. Please get in touch with Daryl Rairi on 28851 or 55064 if you feel you need more information or assistance.

Making progress for our lagoons

The core aim of the Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai project is to improve the water quality of the lagoons and rivers in Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Our natural environment is at risk, at least in part because of the current lack of adequate public sanitation infrastructure. Without new public wastewater infrastructure and also more effective management of onsite treatment systems, the current issues at Muri are likely to worsen, and develop in other areas.

The Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai project is moving forward strongly in a number of areas:

  • Environmental monitoring and investigations

  • Early measures to help improve Muri Lagoon’s water quality (including dredging)

  • Design of infrastructure for better wastewater management in the future

  • Establishment of a crown-owned water and wastewater management authority.

We are finalising a revised plan for the dredging work near the mouth of the Vai Te Renga Stream, near Pacific Resort. We needed to revise our plan because the original approach would be too disruptive to implement during the tourist high-season.

We will also soon provide Government with the technical information they need to make an informed decision about the best option to move forward with for new wastewater infrastructure for Muri. We are also preparing to publish a report of the outcomes of our environmental investigations.

A project of this scale and impact on the community is always expected to encounter a few challenges along the way. This project is no exception, but the challenges encountered so far (for example the dredging delay) have been manageable. The project is moving forward strongly and is on track.




Kua tuera i teianei te Manono’anga Anoano note oronga’anga mai i tetai au enua note au anga’anga a te Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai.

Te kapiki nei te tu’anga angaanga Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai kite au Atu Enua o Rarotonga nei tei manono note oronga mai i tetai au tu’anga enua no te akatu i tetai au ngai note akameitaki’anga ite turanga ote vai repo e pera te repo tangata kia tuku mai I ta ratou e anoano nei note oronga mai.

Ko te au manono’anga ka tuku ia atu te reira kite Minitiri ote Tu’anga ote Moni (MFEM). Te anoano nei te Minitiri no te tiki ite akatika’anga mei ko mai ite au Atu Enua no te au enua te ka tau, pera katoa te ravenga tutaki’anga.

No te akamata’anga, ka anoanoia tetai au enua i roto ite tu’anga o Muri. E rua ravenga e akarakara matatio ia nei note ta vairakau ete akaatea anga ite vai repo koia oki kote ta vairakau’anga e oti oora ki runga ite enua me kore kote ta vairakau’anga e oti tuku atu kite moana:

  • Me ikiia te oora’anga ki runga ite enua, e rua tu’anga enua ka anoano ia – e tai note akatu’anga ite ngai note tavairakau’anga, e tai note ooraanga ite vai repo tei tavairakauia.

  • Me ikiia te tuku’anga kite moana, e tai rai tuanga enua ka anoanoia note tavairakau’anga ete pamu’anga ite vai repo tei tamaia kite moana.

Ka anoano katoa ia tetai atu au enua no teia akakoro’anga me toto’a’ia atu teia tu’anga anga’anga takapini ite enua.

No tetai kapi pati’anga akaki no te enua taau e anoano nei note oronga mai, kia tika kia tiki atu i teia ki runga ite roro uira . Tei roto i teia kapi tetai atu au akamarama’anga no runga ite turanga ote au enua ta matou e kimi nei, pera katoa te tu’anga ngai ka tano, te mataara kia tae ki teia au enua e pera tetai ua atu au akamarama’anga no runga ite turanga ote au enua.

Ka rauka ia matou ite tauturu i tetai ua atu Atu Enua note akaki’anga ite kapi pati’anga no toou enua. Kia tika kia taniuniu atu ia Daryl Rairi ki runga ite numero 28851.

Te aere ua atu nei te au ‘anga’anga no te tai roto

Kote akakoro’anga ma’ata ote tu’anga ‘anga’anga Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai koia oki kote akaoki’anga mai ite turanga meitaki ote tai roto e pera te au kauvai o Rarotonga e Aitutaki.

Ko to tatou Ao Natura ka tupu ua atu rai te kino, no tetai au tu’anga ngai tikai e kare e ngai tau note akameitaki’anga ite turanga ote repo ete vai repo tangata. Me kare e ngai note akameitaki’anga ite repo ete vai repo, e pera katoa tetai tu’anga note akara matatio’anga ete akono meitaki’anga ite au ngai vairanga’anga repo ki roto ite au ngutuare, ka tupu ua atu rai kite ma’ata te au manamanata e kite’ia nei ki Muri, e ka oora atu te reira ki tetai au ngai ke.

Te aere ua atu nei rai te tu’anga angaanga Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai ki mua mate matutu ki runga i teia au tuanga:

  • Akarakara matatio’anga ite turanga ote Ao Natura

  • Te au ravenga kia rave vaveia note akameitaki akaou’anga ite turanga ote tai roto o Muri (keri’anga one)

  • Te ‘anga ‘anga ite au parani note akameitaki’anga ite turanga ote vai repo no te tuatau ki mua

  • Te akatupu’anga i tetai tu’anga ‘anga’anga te ka riro ite akatere meitaki ite au ‘anga’anga ka anoano’ia note akono ete akameitaki ua atu rai ite turanga ote vai e pera te vai repo.

Te akaoti nei matou ite parani tei taui’ia no te keri’anga ite one ite vaa ote kauvai Vai Te Renga, ite pae mai ite otera Pacific Resort. Kua anoano’ia kia taui’ia te parani no te mea kote ravenga mua tei tamanako’ia ka riro te reira ite akatupu ite tamanamanata’anga ma’ata i teia tuatau tikai e ma’ata nei te turoto ki runga i te enua.

Kare e roa kua oronga atu matou kite Kavamani i tetai au akapapa’anga kite pakari ta te Kavamani ka anoano kia rauka ia ratou ite tuku i tetai tika tau tikai no runga ite ravenga tau note akameitaki’anga ite turanga ote vai repo i Muri. Te teateamamao katoa nei matou note tuku’anga atu ite ripoti no runga ite au kite pakari tei rauka mai ite tuatau e akarakara matatio’ia nei te ao natura.

Ko tetai tu’anga ‘anga’anga mei teia te maatamaata e pera te au tamanamanata tana ka akatupu kite iti tangata ka na roto te reira i tetai au turanga ta’i’i ite tuatau e raveia ra te reira. Te pera katoa nei teia tu’anga ‘anga’anga, inara kote au ta’i’i e aravei’ia nei (tetai aka’aite’anga kote taroaroa ite akamata’anga ite keri’anga one) te rauka nei te kimi ravenga no te reira. Te teke nei teia tu’anga ‘anga’anga ki mua mate meitaki ete aru katoa nei ite tuatau tei akataka’ia note rave’anga i teia.

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