PMU and ICI progress old ring main decommissioning across island

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Numerous works within the Te Mato Vai water upgrade project are progressing nicely as the island gets another step closer to accessible and reliable clean drinking water.


This month, the Project Management Unit (PMU) and Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) team have been progressing the old ring main decommissioning investigations around the island. We have completed investigations in Arorangi, Titikaveka, Ngatangiia, and Nikao sections of the island. This work has helped us to identify and compile a list of properties still directly connected to the old ring main. We now have a better picture of the number of properties that we will need to reconnect to receive water from the new ring main, before we shut the old water main down for good.

We appreciate the effort residents have made to check their house, vacant property or water tanks during the investigation period. We have been particularly pleased with the number of phone calls received during the investigation period, including about water matters not directly related to the old ring main.

This has enabled the PMU to bring these issues to ICI’s attention. We need to investigate one more section of the island (from the Avana intake to Avarua), and are working with ICI to programme this. Please look out for our Public Notices in the Cook Islands News and our Facebook page for the dates, times, and the affected section we’re investigating.


Construction is progressing well at both the Turangi and Avana intake sites. The PMU are in the process of arranging construction update meetings for Turangi and Avana intake site landowners. These landowner meetings will provide a summary of construction progress to date and an opportunity for landowners to ask questions about construction.

Turangi intake site

We have now completed earthworks, and installed new concrete ring beams that the new storage tank will sit on top of. This means we can now install the new storage tank. Completed earthworks and concrete ring beams for the new storage tank.

Completed earthworks and concrete ring beams for the new storage tank.

Here are five interesting facts about the new Turangi water storage tank:

1. The purpose of the storage tank is to store treated water before it makes its way through the trunk main and the new ring main for everyone to use.

2. The storage tank is manufactured in Germany, and will be delivered in pieces for assembly on-site.

3. The storage tank is made of stainless steel.

4. The size of the storage tank is 20m in diameter and 8.5m tall.

5. The storage tank will hold approximately 2.4 million litres of water (equivalent to filling nearly two 50m long Olympic sized swimming pools).

Avana intake site

The base of the settling tank is complete. McConnell Dowell are now progressing the tying of steel to the base, boxing, and pouring of concrete to complete the concrete settling tank. The purpose of the settling tank is to enable water to slowly flow in a large tank for sediment and solids to settle at to the bottom of the tank. A coagulant is added to the water which makes flocculation occur – this is the joining of particles to make larger particles that either sink to the bottom or float to the top, ready to be captured by the sand filters. Earthworks are progressing for the foundation of the new storage tank.

Avatiu trunk main upgrades

The trunk main pipeline upgrade works are progressing well. The new trunk main pipe being laid is a 315mm diameter polyethylene PE pipe. When complete, a total of 2.5km of new trunk main will have been laid, with ductile iron pipe at the river crossings.

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I teia marama, kua angaanga kapiti atu te PMU kite pupu o te Tango Angaanga o te Kuki Airani (ICI) no te akarakara matatio’anga i te au paipa vai ote au ngutuare tei runga rai ite paipa vai taito takapini i te enua. Kua oti te akarakara’anga i te tu’anga o Arorangi, Titikaveka, Ngatangiia e Nikao. Kua riro teia angaanga tei raveia i te akaari mai kia matou i te au ngutuare e tei runga rai ratou i te paipa vai maata taito. Kua rauka katoa mai tetai tutu marama tei akaari mai i te numero ote au ngutuare te ka anoanoia kia tamouia atu ki runga i te paipa vai maata ou i mua ake ka tamate ia atu ei te paipa vai maata taito.

Te rauka nei ia matou i te akameitaki atu i te au tangata e noo nei ki teia au ngai tei rauka ia ratou i te akarakara atu’anga ki roto i to ratou au ngutuare e noo ia nei e ratou, to ratou au enua kare e tangata i runga, e to ratou au tangika vai i te tuatau e raveia ra teia akarakara’anga. Kua mataora matou i te au tangata tei taniuniu mai i teia tuatau a raveia nei te akarakara’anga, e te au tangata tei tanuinui mai no runga i tetai au manako takake atu e kare e no runga i te paipa vai maata taito. Kua rauka ra ia matou te PMU i te oronga atu i te reira ki te ICI kia akara mai.

E tai tu’anga toe ta matou ka anoano ite akarakara atu (mei te ngai Kakapu’anga vai o Avana ki Avarua), e te angaanga kapiti nei ki te ICI no te parani’anga ite rave’anga i teia angaanga. Pati’anga kia akara mai i te au akakitekite’anga ki roto i te nuti peapa Kuki Airani (Cook Islands News) e pera ki runga i ta matou kapi o te Mata Puka no te au ra, te ora e te au ngai ka raveia teia au akarakara’anga.


Te tere meitaki ua nei te au anga’anga e raveia nei ite ngai kakapu’anga vai o Turangi e Avana. Te akateateamamao nei te PMU i tetai uipa’anga no te oronga’anga atu ki te au Atu Enua i te au angaanga tei raveia ki te kakapu’anga vai o Turangi e Avana. Ko teia uipa’anga ki te au Atu Enua ka orongaia atu te akapapa’anga o te au anga’anga e rave ia nei i teia au ra ma te oronga katoa ite tuatau no te Atu Enua no tetai au uianga ta ratou e anoano nei i te ui mai.

Kakapu’anga Vai o Turangi

Kua oti te angaanga ki runga ite enua e pera te akatu’anga i te taua timeni no te akanoo’anga i te tangika akaputu vai ki runga. Ko te aiteanga i reira kua papa matou no te tuku’anga i te tangika akaputu’nga vai ki runga.

Kua oti te anganga o te enua e te timene no te vaira’anga ite tangika akaputu’anga vai.

Ko teia i reira e rima tu’anga puapinga no runga i te tangika vai o Turangi.

1. Ko te akakoro’anga maata o te tangika vai koia oki no te akaputu atu’anga i te vai kua tamaia i mua ake ka tukuna mai ei te reira na roto i te au pu paipa vai kite katoatoa.

2. Kua maaniia teia au tangika akaputu vai ki te enua Tiamani, e ka tari potongatongaia te reira ki runga i te au ngai te ka akatu ia te reira.

3. Kua maaniia teia au tangika ki te punu auri.

4. Ko te maatamaata o te tangika e 20 metera i te punupunu, e 8.5 metera i te teitei.

5. Ko teia tangika kakapu vai ka rauka mei te 2.4 mirioni ritera vai me akakiia ki roto i teia tangika (vaitata me akakiia e rua puna vai kau 20 metera te roa no te tarere kau Olympics te maata.)

Kakapu’anga vai o Avana

Kua oti ite akatu ite tango o te tangika ᾱu’anga vai. Te rave nei te kamupani McConnell Dowell i te tapekapeka’anga i te au niuniu tapeka note taua, te paruru e te riringi nei i te timeni no te akaoti’anga i te angaanga note tangika ᾱu’anga vai. Ko te puapinga o teia au tangika ᾱu’anga vai koia oki note akaputu’anga i te vai e oti tuku marie atu i te reira ki te au tangika akaputu’anga vai mamaata kia rauka ite repo ite noo ki raro ite taua o te tangika. Ka akaki katoaia ki roto i teia au tangika tetai au mea te ka rauka i te akaputu i teia au repo te ka noo atu ki raro i te tangika me kore te ka papanu mai ki runga kia rauka i te ᾱuia i te reira. Te tere meitaki ua nei te au anga’anga no te akatikatika’anga i te enua no te tuku’anga i te tangika akaputu vai ou.

Kakapu’anga Vai o Avatiu

Te tere meitaki katoa nei te angaanga note akaou’anga i te au pu paipa vai mamaata. Ko teia au pu paipa vai maata e tukunaia nei e 315 miri metera te punupunu i te reira, e polyethylene PE paipa te reira. Me oti ite akaouia ka taeria mei te 2.5 kiro metera pu paipa vai ou te ka tamaouia atu, ka pa’uia kite paipa auri (ductile iron pipe) me tae kite au ngai te ka na raro ite au tikoti’anga ote kauvai.